Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal with These Trends for 2022

By Mary Lanaux

The first opportunity to show off your home starts as soon as your guests or neighbors step off the road. That first impression can add a lot to your home’s value and says a lot about your home’s style.  But boosting curb appeal doesn’t have to mean expensive landscaping or a fresh paint job. Just by adding or updating a few exterior design elements, you can make the entrance to your home shine, and your guests feel welcome the minute they arrive.

Trend #1 Welcoming Front Door

Artboard – 9
Artboard – 8

Painting front doors bright and cheery colors has been a trend for several years now. And while it continues to be an easy upgrade to any home’s exterior, consider these questions before you decide on a swatch. If you love a color in Spring or Summer, will it have the same appeal in colder months? What kind of natural light does your front door get? Will the paint be susceptible to fading in direct sun? Will the tone change throughout the day? Once you find a color that’s the perfect fit for your home, grab a brush and don’t look back. It’s a great way to add instant curb appeal that lasts.

For doors in a natural wood tone, sometimes it just takes sanding and re-staining to create that fresh look. Or, as exterior paint trends go darker, try out a moody tone like navy blue or forest green to make the rest of the house feel brighter.

If paint isn’t the right answer for your front door, there are other ways for it to make a statement. Adding greenery or pops of color with a door wreath that can be changed seasonally or on a whim is an excellent way to add something extra.

Trend #2 Potted Plants in Cool Containers

As seen in the past few years, house plants are having a moment. There’s no reason that trend can’t continue outside to your home’s front entrance.  Bringing a natural element up to the front door connects your home to the rest of the front yard making an easy transition from outside to in. With the countless possibilities of plant and flower varieties, you get to decide how much maintenance is involved – from regular watering to none at all.

For an extra statement, choose a container that is outside of the terra cotta flowerpot norm. Anything from large urns to repurposed bins or baskets can become a container garden with this trick. Find a smaller vessel to pot your plants then place that container in the larger one propped with whatever bulky materials you have on hand. Then, it’s simple to pop the plant out for watering or extra sunlight when needed.

Native and low-water plants in particular are trending in 2022. Any local nursery or plant shop will point you in the right direction, or research plants that grow best in hardiness zones 5b or 6a. Perennials are your best bet to bloom in the spring and summer and survive the cold winter.

Trend #3 Gathering on the Front Porch

The world has been spending a lot more time outside to socialize, so why not make your front porch an additional gathering space for friends and neighbors? Even if space is limited, adding a single chair can create a warm welcome.

Porch furniture can easily be borrowed or repurposed from inside your home as long as it’s protected from rain, sunlight, and dreaded pollen. Or look to vintage and antique stores for new-to-you items that stand the test of time. Whatever your home’s style, the front porch is the perfect opportunity to show it off with a simple seating area complete with a side table, or two, to rest a glass of lemonade or a good book.

To really bring the front porch together, don’t forget an outdoor rug to make it feel like a bonus room. With all of the washable rug options available, keeping the space fresh and clean is easier than ever. Another trend – layer a smaller outdoor rug under your doormat for an added touch of design.

Trend #4 Update Hardware and Lighting

Take a trip to a home improvement store and wonder at the many, many door hardware options. As trends for inside fixtures change, it’s a simple switch to update your lock and door handle to something new and noticeable.

Porch lights are another fixture that may need a makeover. If yours are feeling outdated, make the upgrade work even harder by considering smart lights or bulbs that sync with your home automation app of choice. Don’t have electrical access for outdoor lighting? Strategically place lamps in front-facing windows to add extra shine.

Curb appeal doesn’t stop when the sun sets. Exterior landscape lighting makes a big impact on homes that deserve to shine at all hours. Solar-powered lights are in high demand to illuminate pathways, driveways, and porches, and they couldn’t be easier to install.

Finally, something rarely thought of, but so simple to update is your house numbers. Such a small accent can go a long way when you find something unique and personal to you. Online sellers and artisans have found multiple ways to add design to a seemingly mundane feature – from interesting materials or modern typefaces to hand-painted tiles or upcycled objects.

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